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PlayBox HD for ios is an application that is made for entertainment. There are many things that you can watch and enjoy using this application. You can watch movies, music videos, comedy shows, soap operas, etc., the list is never ending. This application lets you watch a lot of shows and movies online without charging even an extra penny. You can also watch the old cartoon movies that are no longer aired on the television. All the videos that are available on this application run on High Definition only. If you wish to change the pixel to save your data, this application also lets you make that adjustment. However, this application is available only on the android platform. Therefore for iOS users, there has to be another gateway that this article will discuss. download playbox HD for ios latest version from here.

PlayBox HD App Download For iOS:

PlayBox HD App

Android is a platform where a huge number of applications are available for free. There are paid applications as well but a high percentage of the applications are absolutely free. Unfortunately, Apple store is not so flexible. In order to make the apple store more secure. The applications are expensive and have to be bought. Some of the applications do not exist at all. This makes the Apple users always envious of the Android users. There are ways that allow the Apple users to match up to the world of Android. Most people jailbreak their phones. Jailbreaking a device is basically removing the software of the phone to install a preferable software or operating system to run the device. Due to this people will lose warranty. In case if something happens, the warranty is no longer valid. Therefore there are techniques via which you need not jailbreak your phone. check latest version of playbox for ios from here.

How to install PlayBox HD For iOS & iPhone:

Method 1

  • Download vShare on your apple iPhone from the store
  • There will be a message “ would wish to download and install vShare”
  • Click on the button Install
  • This will lead you to another dialogue “Untrusted Developer”
  • Ignore the rest and click on Trust
  • The go to settings > Profile > Haiyang Yi-Zhuo Fuzhuan > Trust
  • There will be a search box, type “PlayBox”
  • Download it and let it install

Method 2

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Then click on General which will direct you to Date&Time
  • Set it to January 1
  • Click on download the Playbox from any link on Google
  • Click on the button Install
  • Then Press Trust for the next dialogue

PlayBox HD App Download For iOS

These are two methods in which you can download the best application that is available on this platform. It does not require you to jailbreak or do anything troublesome. You just need an internet connection the above steps will help you get to PlayBox. With PlayBox you also get premium offers in case you want to avail an ad-free environment. By paying a little denomination you can get rid of the painstaking and annoying advertisements. There are various benefits one can draw out of being the premium member. Even without the membership PlayBox has a lot to offer for its regular users. The downloads are absolutely free. It also lets your watch your favorite shows offline.


A lot of applications that are available on apple phone are very expensive and overpriced. Therefore some gateways help you establish an easier way to keep yourself entertained. By following the steps give above you cherish the world of entertainment. You can rewind, save, fast forward, pause, etc., using the video player that the application provides. You can even download and save it for later. It will give notification for the release of the new season. This application keeps you updated with all the latest movies, dance videos and exciting TV series. You do not have to worry about piracy as the streaming via PlayBox is legal and all copyrights have been issued. You can sit at home or watch movies and tv shows on the go. You no longer have to wait for the release. One of the best ways to binge watch is to watch during your workout. Every time you get on the treadmill you can take a long walk watching your favorite show without even getting tired. You can sweat and also get updated on the current reality shows.

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