Mobdro Is Not Working – All Your Queries Answered

Mobdro Not Working: Mobdro is a video streaming application that has the largest collection of videos. It is an entertainment application that streams news, sports, animal documentaries, movies, tv shows, music etc. Mobdro is available for Android devices, PC & KODI. The application has few errors and problems for some users. Mobdro developers have come up with solutions to this problem.

Mobdro Not Working Error:

Mobdro Not Working Error

When any application has billions of users, it is bound to face difficulty in handling the load. In the case of a video streaming application, when there is an overflow of users and some of them want long and heavy streamings, the app could stop working. Same has happened in the case of Mobdro, it is an immensely popular app with million users. This error is not because of the user’s device. When this error occurs, an error message claiming that the application is not working appears on the screen. The solution to this problem is very simple. The user simply has to delete his/her current version of Mobdro and install the latest version.

Parse Error Message:

When the Android device using the Mobdro application has a version lower than 4.1, that device gets a Parse Error Message. Mobdro application was specifically designed for versions of Android greater than 4.1. It was not designed for the lower versions. Hence, it is incompatible with those devices. Mobdro simply cannot be used on devices with Android version lower than 4.1.

Check your Connection Message:

When the internet speed in the user’s device is lower than 2MBPS, a “Check your Connection Message” pops up on the screen. The fault here is that Mobdro requires a bare minimum of 2MBPS internet speed to function smoothly without errors. This problem also arises when the internet is not connected properly at all. Another reason for this problem is when Mobdro fails to handle streaming media when streaming bandwidth is reached.

Stream bookmarked vanished error:

Some users have complained that their lists of favorite streaming TV channels which they bookmarked, vanished. The reason for this is that Mobdro only finds and stream videos that are at the time online.

Mobdro Not Working Error

How Does Mobdro Provide Free Streaming:

Mobdro provides its streaming by searching the entire world wide web for any channels that are streaming videos live. The application searches every nook and corner of the world wide web and as soon as it finds something, it adds that source to the list. Any video that can be streamed directly gets added to the list.

Mobdro For iOS:

Mobdro is one of the rare applications that are not available for iOS devices. Only Android devices Windows PCs/Laptops, KODI devices & Mac devices have the ability to download and use the Mobdro application

Mobdro for ChromeCast:

Mobdro successfully streams to each and every Chromecast. All that is needed is proper integration. The Mobdro team offers articles on how proper integration can be achieved.

Mobdro premium features:

Upgrading to the premium features of the Mobdro application gives great benefits. Unnecessary, unwanted advertisements that pop up from time to time can be blocked easily and quickly.  Nobody likes to be interrupted by pesky ads while watching their favorite movie or TV show. The best thing about the premium version of Mobdro is that it allows its users to save any video and watch it offline. So any desired video can be reviewed at a later date. Mobdro has incredible Chromecast support. The application has a sleep timer. Cloud streaming feature is expected to be added soon


Mobdro application is one of the best video streaming applications in the market. It has a few minor errors that can be solved in a few simple. It is a great application for anyone to have on their smart phones

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