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Apps like Mobdro: want to know what is mobdro and and apps like mobdro? Mobdro is an app that lets you see a lot of media online. It is a free app which allows live streaming. It is available for devices with Android, iOS and Windows, no exceptions. There are many apps like Mobdro that one can select and enjoy using! Follow the article to know about the available options. check all apps like mobdro and what is mobdro from here.

Below given apps are the Best alternatives available in the market. check them and enjoy live streaming of various shows and videos for free

Mobdro Alternatives


This app provides a platform to broadcast your show live to many viewers on the different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also allows chatting with the viewers and live streaming of the shows for free. One can also replay the video of the live event. It offers compatibility with some devices including both the Android and iOS. this is the best app like mobdro.


Showbox is a video streaming app compatible with the Android devices. It is a free app that offers watching TV shows and videos. Just like Mobdro, this app can be installed on PC also with the help of an emulator. It offers video streaming in many different languages. The app has huge craze among the smartphone users because of the quality of the video it provides. this is one of the best mobdro alternative.


It is a free app allowing online video and TV shows streaming. It provides the platform to select from the forty different TV channels. It is one of the best alternatives of Mobdro. One can easily download it from Play Store and use the app with a variety of features and share the videos with friends and family.


It is also a live streaming app. It allows connecting with the followers on the Twitter and chatting with them. One also has the option of replaying the video so that the followers may see it again and again. It also allows to share the video with specific people and to delete the option of replay if the user does not want it later. It is totally free app. this is one of the best App like mobdro


It offers live streaming of the videos with the option of a variety of filters and effects. It offers interacting shows that allow interacting with the followers and viewers. It is a free app with more fun in it!



Stringwire is a free app which allows to stream a story based video online. Viewers can also chat with the user through this app. The app saves all the videos that are streamed; this allows viewing and sharing it in the future.this is the best mobdro alternative.

Apps Like Mobdro


It is one of the alternatives for live video streaming. It is completely free app except the fact that there are ads in between which the user can remove by paying for the subscription. It is one of the best streaming apps for anime fans.


It is one of the most fantastic apps for video streaming. It is compatible with many devices and offers great services.  One can enjoy a variety of music, videogames, and shows with this app. The quality and the standard of the app are very high. this is one of the best mobdro alternative.


The present era is an era of technology and technological developments. There are many options of video streaming apps. One has to analyze and look for all the options before actually selecting a one. Hope the article will help you a bit in the process. These are some of the best apps like mobdro and all about the what is mobdro . All these are free, and one can easily download and install just like Mobdro. thanks for reading the article what is Mobdro and apps like mobdro. hope you liked it.


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